This site is dedicated to lovers of films and celebrities. The owners of the site spent many years putting together a private collection of hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos and did so as a hobby and with no intent to either create a commercial site or to publish the material. The decision was taken over a month ago to put together a site that would be of great interest to lovers of all things related to celebrities and we set about getting the rights to all the pictures and videos that are available on the site.

Do we have the rights to everything on the site? No we don't but we do have the rights to the vast majority of the material and some of it is public domain. In a few cases we simply didn't know who to contact or were unable to locate them and the ownership remains unclear. If you see a photo on this site to which you have the rights and believe that we are unlawfully publishing it then please contact us immediately and we will resolve the issue without delay.

CelebMatrx is only an archive of celebrity pictures and videos posted on public newsgroups (newsnet discussion groups). All images and videos of this archive appear for free on these newsgroups first. The only fee related to this site is for the hosting, traffic costs, programming and organization of a site that is expansive and not for access to the images and vidoes themselves. Any content is for the private, non-commercial enjoyment only, any other use is prohibited.

CelebMatrix website is a compilation of reviews, references and other critical commentary on actresses, the films, television shows and events in which they have appeared, just like any televised review program.

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